All The World's A Stage: How To View And Set Up Your Home Like A Live Theater


All the world's a stage, quoted one Shakespearean character. Never was that more true than in your own home. Every room is a different scene where different events take place every day. If you were going to invite an audience into your home to watch the play of your life unfold, how would you set the scenery in your home? Interior design and set design are essentially one and the same, a fact that many people rarely make a connection to. Here is how to view and set up your home like a live theater, such that staging it for resale is not a big deal.

Leave Room to Enter

On a stage, the furniture is set so that actors can move in, out and around the room freely. Do the same in each room of your house. For example, open up the space in your living room by using only the furniture you really need. If you have a small living room, consider using only an armchair and a sofa or a small loveseat. Keep the furniture at least three feet from the entrances into the living room. This makes the room open up, invite guests to come in, and encourages them to move around. Repeat this same principle in the other rooms of your house, thinking about what each room would look and feel like if it was a scene onstage.

Avoid the Sinister

Sinister stuff is for horror movies and murder mystery plays. While these may be quite enjoyable to you, they can leave guests with an uncomfortable feeling about your home. Displaying posters of mysteries and movies is okay here and there, but leave the gruesome and ghoulish out. Additionally, real life is rarely as sinister as a murder mystery play, so avoid equating home staging to mystery play staging and you will do alright.

Need Staging Ideas for Your Home? Attend More Live Shows

The best way to get a really good feel for staging each room in your home like the sets on a theatrical stage is to attend more live productions. Then you can see how set designers position furniture and how much room is left for the actors to move in and around it. This will help you get more and better ideas for how you can move and set up furniture staging in your home. It may even give you a few decorating ideas as well.


20 March 2017

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