Four Features To Consider For A Luxury Walk-In Closet


When you have the chance to help design your ultimate luxury home, you want to make sure that every detail is considered. That means creating a walk-in closet that matches the opulence and luxury of the rest of the home. While there are many different design elements to consider to create the perfect look, there are some features that you may find are must-haves. Here is a look at some luxury features to consider as you design your perfect closet for the perfect home.

Closet Island

The closet island is the place where you will store jewelry, silk scarves, and other essential accessories. The island should be the focal point of the room, and it should have a variety of drawers in different sizes to accommodate all your items. For drawers that will store jewelry, be sure that your design includes individual compartments for rings, earrings, necklaces and brooches. Choose a paint or wood finish that will match the rest of the closet area, or choose a contrasting color to make a bold style statement. For the top of the island, consider marble or stone for an upscale finishing touch.

Shoe Wall

Your shoe collection isn't just what you use to accessorize outfits; it is a collection worthy of display. Add a shoe wall to one side of the closet, and stagger the display racks so there are spaces for knee-boots as well as flat sandals. Add a mirror to the center of the wall so you can try on different pairs with each outfit to choose the perfect look each day. You may also want to consider adding tall cabinets on each end of the wall so you can store your less-than-perfect footwear or so you can pack away the original boxes for each pair of shoes.

Dressing Area

Your closet is also the place where you will try on clothes and get dressed each day, so you'll want to dedicate a space to these activities. Leather-appointed benches are ideal for sitting as you try on shoes, while full-length mirrors let you inspect each element of your ensembles. Have the mirrors installed on the wall, and consider having custom leather benches built that feature storage drawers on one side with the seating area on the other. Add hooks or racks to the wall next to the mirrors so you can hang each outfit you plan to try on. Use one rack for possible ensembles and anther for items that need to go back.

As you work on your residential design plan, look for elements that combine the organization you need for your clothes, such as drawers and cabinets, with elegant touches. Drawer pulls and cabinet knobs can give each area of the closet an upscale appearance. If your home will have more than one walk-in closet, use these elements in each one, but choose different layouts to make each closet its own unique space.


23 September 2017

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