Choosing Window Treatments For Wide Windows


Even with very large windows, your home would benefit from window treatments. A window treatment allows you to have adequate light control, functionality, and privacy. Also, the window treatment will complement the rest of your window. 

Vertical Window Coverings

One great option for wide windows is a vertical window covering. This could be a drapery panel or a vertical blind. They will make your windows look taller and will also make your windows look more formal. Vertical blinds can cover a window of any length because you will simply add more blinds based on how wide the window is. 

Draped Patterned or Colored Fabric

If you are not concerned about privacy, you can make a statement with your windows by draping patterned or colored fabric over the window. Privacy concerns have a tendency to impede creativity.

Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades with a continuous cord lift system will allow you to lift the blinds or shades all at once for when you want to allow a large amount of light into your home. Unlike with many blinds, you will not have to worry about one side raising more than another.

Valences and Cornices

When you are trying to guide the eyes of your guests to the full window view, add a valence or cornice. This covers the upper-most part of your window and can either be hung by itself or can be combined with blinds. 

Curtain Rods That Span the Entire Wall

If you would like to emphasize the openness of your wide windows, add curtain rods that span an entire wall. Then, you can add drapes that are wide enough that they can be stretched across your entire window.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are very sleek and minimal. You can install several roller shades along the width of your window and lower any of them when necessary. The shades look great when they are opened to different heights. Ideally, you should choose cordless control so you do not have to install cords on each shade. 

Panel Tracks

Panel tracks will give your windows a more modern look. They are similar to vertical blinds, but are an alternative if you are tired of the look of vertical blinds. Regardless of what you choose, window draperies will beautify your home, and it will not be difficult to replace one type with another if you are not satisfied with the results of one.

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2 August 2018

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