5 Tips To Help You Best Design And Decorate Your Living Room Space


Most homeowners spend a good majority of their time in the living room. It's a great place to hang out with friends and family and to relax after a long day of work. If you want to make your living room space comfortable and relaxing, you'll want to take a look at the overall design and decor. Making changes can improve the functionality, feel, and look of the room. Keep reading for some helpful tips so you can best design and decorate your living room space:

Don't Buy Until You Have a Plan

You may be tempted to check out all of your favorite home stores for decor and accents. While this can be a fun way to get ideas, you don't want to start buying until you have a plan. Take some time to outline your design and decor goals and plans so that what you buy fits in nicely. A home designer can help you come up with the perfect plan for your space. 

Start with the Couch

You'll want to start with the main seating in your room. This will be a big focal point and also the size, shape, and style can play a big part in what else is purchased. Be sure to purchase a quality couch or sofa that will hold up well with time and use. You'll also want to consider your lifestyle when choosing one. For example, if you have kids and pets, a white sofa may not be the best choice.

Don't Forget About Rugs

Rugs are a great way to add more color and pop to any room. They can make your living room look more complete, too. Don't be afraid to experiment with unique rug shapes and styles.

Mix Up Textures

A great design tip is to utilize different textures. You can layer these textures to get a great look. Having different textures like wool, wood, and silk can make your whole space so much more inviting. If you're unsure if certain textures will work together nicely, be sure to ask a home designer for their input. 

Decorate with Pillows

Pillows are another great tool! You can find them in different colors, sizes, and even shapes. Don't be afraid of bold textures and patterns as you begin to select pillows for your living room. 

Following these tips can allow you to have more success when putting together your ultimate living room space. If you need help, or if you have design and decor questions, be sure to reach put to a home interior design firm. They help people like you every day and they're ready to make your home an even better space. 

To learn more about finding a home designer, reach out to an interior designer near you. 


18 March 2020

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