Five Roles of Residential Interior Design Services for a Dream Home


How do you picture the interior layout of your dream house? Getting a desirable home interior involves more than just beautiful color pallets, fabrics, and furniture. The perfect interior space ties together the available space, lighting, color, and surface finishes for a result that fits a client's expectations, tastes, and preferences. It is common for the terms interior designer and décor to be used interchangeably, but décor is one part of interior design. So, what role can an interior designer play in achieving a dream home?

1. Interior Space and Architecture Planning 

Interior designers put the planning process first. They draw up a floor plan that is practical and functional and then make sure that it fits with the client's lifestyle and budget. The goal is to create an interior space that enhances the experience of living there.  

The interior designer's input starts right at ‌the architectural design stage. They give input on ‌floor layout and elevations. Their goal is to have a space where all elements fit elegantly, including furniture, appliances, and accessories. 

2. Color Palette Consultation      

Interior designers can help clients choose color palettes that will work with their lifestyles and personalities, as well as with their interior space. They also ensure that paint colors chosen for the walls and ceilings will work with existing lighting and surface finishes. 

3. Design Interior Lighting     

Residential interior design services work with clients to determine how much natural light will be available in each room. Their input in the design stage enables the architect to provide for the desired natural lighting sources, e.g. orientation of the windows.  

They then design appropriate lighting that will help to create the desired mood. The lighting complements the interior décor theme. It also involves installing lighting for different space functions, e.g., task lights for the kitchen under cabinet lighting. 

4. Custom Furniture and Fabrics Design      

Interior designers can take care of custom furniture and fabrics designs for clients or work with clients to create their designs for custom pieces. The interior décor component brings out your tastes in different décor themes, e.g., Mediterranean or minimalist. 

5. Input on Latest Smart and Green Trends   

In addition to focusing on new designs, interior designers keep up with the latest smart and green trends in technology, energy efficiency, and materials for renovation design. They can advise clients about the most appropriate technology for their needs and how to use it in a way that is more environmentally friendly. 

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14 February 2022

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