Choosing Window Treatments For Wide Windows


Even with very large windows, your home would benefit from window treatments. A window treatment allows you to have adequate light control, functionality, and privacy. Also, the window treatment will complement the rest of your window.  Vertical Window Coverings One great option for wide windows is a vertical window covering. This could be a drapery panel or a vertical blind. They will make your windows look taller and will also make your windows look more formal.

2 August 2018

Know What You're Getting: Living And Working With Granite Countertops


Once the territory of luxury homes, granite countertops have become a mainstream feature. If a kitchen remodel is in progress, even on a midrange rental unit, chances are granite countertops will be part of the new setup. Granite has definite advantages: It's shiny, it's generally easy to clean, and it lasts a long time because it's harder to chip than laminate countertops. It also has some definite issues that can make you dislike granite if you ignore the issues.

12 February 2018