All The World's A Stage: How To View And Set Up Your Home Like A Live Theater


All the world's a stage, quoted one Shakespearean character. Never was that more true than in your own home. Every room is a different scene where different events take place every day. If you were going to invite an audience into your home to watch the play of your life unfold, how would you set the scenery in your home? Interior design and set design are essentially one and the same, a fact that many people rarely make a connection to.

20 March 2017

Tips For Saving Money When Remodeling Your Kitchen


Performing a complete kitchen remodeling project can be expensive, but it can also be well worth it. Remodeling your kitchen will not only offer an opportunity to make it more beautiful, but it could also help you make it more functional, and it could help increase the value of your home. The average amount spent on kitchen remodeling projects is roughly $20,556, but some people spend even more than this. If you are trying to cut some costs to make it more affordable, here are some tips to consider following.

18 January 2017

How To Clean Antique Hardwood Flooring


Do you have antique hardwood floors? You're going to have to clean them eventually. Any type of hardwood floor, be it old or new, is tricky to clean because it is a natural material. You have to use just the right products and specific techniques to avoid damaging it. This is especially true of antique hardwood flooring. Not only is it wood, but it is old wood, and is in delicate condition compared to newer wood floors.

20 March 2015